Amazon Alexa with new update!! Privacy settings changed on the request of their users!

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most discussed and developed technology. Among the various Artificial Intelligence available around us, the most famous ones are Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Google Assistant.

Recently various reports were made that read about these virtual assistants getting in the way of user’s privacy. Reportedly the number of cases of assistants recording snippets of conversation are increasing. But not only these conversations were being recorded, but humans also review these. This, in particular, is making people worry about their privacy.

After all the backlash Amazon is receiving from its customers, it has rephrased its settings so that people can choose whether to have their conversations recorded or not.

Amazon Alexa with new update!! Privacy settings changed on the request of their users! 1
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But Apple has recently confirmed that Siri records snippets of people conversations they have with the virtual assistant. Apple has said that they use these snippets to check the way their virtual assistant is responding and make suitable changes. The same goes for Google and Amazon. These recordings also help these companies to check how well the virtual assistants understand their user needs and how well they are attending to them.

With the people worrying about their privacy, Apple and Google temporarily have suspended the human reviews of the recorded conversations. However, Amazon hasn’t made any official announcements about this matter so far. But they have indeed changed their privacy policy and settings so that users of Alexa can opt-out for the option of their conversation being reviewed by a human.

Now Google has made changes, and people have the option to delete their recording on their wish. But Apple still hasn’t made such changes, and users do not have the complete access to delete these recordings.

To stop your Alexa from recording, Go to Menu in your Android or iOS version of the Alexa app updated to date and go to settings. In the settings, tap on ‘Alexa Privacy.’ Tap on ‘Manage hoe your data improves Alexa’ and toggle off the option that reads ‘Help Improve Amazon Services and Develop New Feature.’