AI: An Era for AI as Human Labour to Get Replaced in Near Future

As predicted by the genius astrophysicist, Dr. Stephen Hawkins, the world would be dominated by AI very soon, human labor would be replaced by the machines that humans have created very soon.

Now the question that arises is, what is AI and what was the need to have introduced it in the presence of Machines? Although a machine, AI has a human-touch, it behaves more than what it is programmed for, unlike machines. They understand the human hands, lips movement and are able to redo the same.

Now talking about the advantages, it can serve to mankind involve, less involvement of labors, faster and innovative working that the AI gets involved in. For those reasons, the scope for research needs to be widened in some of the best areas as follows:

  • Machine learning
What You Need To Know About Machine Learning
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This is the process of making machines immune to daily experiences and helping them react to circumstances as per their experiences in the past, instead of the programmed learning that would make the machine react in the same way forever. The ways in which it can be achieved is by feeding the machine with informed data and programming it well, using which the AI can understand the algorithms and react to various occasions.

  • Deep learning
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Deep learning refers to a miniature version of the human mind to be placed in the machines and giving them a neuron connection, similar to that in a human brain.

  • Reinforcement learning
5 Things You Need to Know about Reinforcement Learning
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This involves, learning from the past mistakes in the algorithms to optimize the outcome that a machine can produce. It means, the AI machine learns from what it did wrong in the past and improves the outcome with trial and error.

  • Robotics
The Real Robotics Revolution Arrives as a Service
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AI becomes different from machines with the human behavior that they show in different circumstances. This process involves comprehending human behavior and performing suitable actions such as the way they speak, react, etc.

  • Natural learning process
Overview of the general process of using natural language ...
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This involves learning and imitating a language that a human speaks in front of the machine which it copies by the movement of lips. The Chatbot was the result of this, one can ask their queries to the person at the receiving end and give them a human feel while replying to it.

  • Computer vision
What Is Computer Vision? | PCMag
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Humans have the ability to differentiate images based on certain commonalities, be it in the surroundings or the objects in concern. The AI can do the same by distinguishing and grouping images on the basis of the common objects that it has.The same technique was used in detecting the rover sent to Mars by analyzing the surroundings.

  • Recommender Systems

Often while browsing through YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar,etc, one gets recommendations about what they can go through next depending upon their past search algorithms.

  • Internet of Things
IoT in action - Towards Data Science
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Various devices are connected to each other via the internet. All these systems share information with each other so that the machine, as mentioned before, regarding the trial and error method to improve the functioning of the machines, which is done to be avoided. The systems share information with each other and feed it into the AI machines using algorithms.