98 Samsung TV Beats the Competition with Unmatched Picture Quality and Smart Features!

Samsung has been a market leader in the television industry for decades, offering high quality and innovative TVs to consumers around the world. One of its latest offerings, the 98-inch Samsung TV, has been making waves in the market and has been deemed one of the best high-end TVs available. In this article, we will break down why the 98-inch Samsung TV beats its competition, highlighting its features, benefits, and consumer feedback.

Picture Quality

With a 98-inch display, the Samsung TV delivers stunning visuals that are unmatched by other TVs in the market. Its 8K resolution provides crystal clear images, sharp details, and vibrant colors that make every scene come to life. The quantum processor 8K optimizes the content to match the 8K resolution, making every detail stand out. The TV also features intelligent upscaling, which can enhance low-resolution content to near 8K quality.


The Samsung TV is not only a visual treat but also a stunning piece of modern design. Its ultra-thin bezels and sleek black finish give it a minimalist and sophisticated look that elevates the aesthetics of any room. The TV also comes with an attachable one-connect box that ensures a clean and clutter-free setup.

Smart Features

Samsung has equipped the 98-inch TV with several smart features that make it easy to use and control. The TV comes with Samsung’s SmartThings app that allows users to control all their smart home devices from a single interface. The TV also has in-built Bixby voice controls and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, making it easy to find content, switch channels, and control other devices using voice commands.


The Samsung TV has several connectivity options, from HDMI and USB ports to built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. It supports several audio and video formats, making it easy to connect to other devices, such as gaming consoles, sound systems, and streaming devices. The TV also features eARC, which allows for high-quality audio transmission from TV to sound systems, making it an ideal choice for movie enthusiasts and audiophiles.

Gaming Features

Gamers will appreciate the Samsung TV’s gaming features, including low input lag, motion smoothing, and variable refresh rate (VRR). Its Game Bar also allows users to tweak saturation, contrast, and other settings for optimal gaming experience. The TV supports 4K gaming at 120Hz, making it a great choice for serious gamers and esports enthusiasts.


While the 98-inch Samsung TV is undoubtedly a high-end TV, it isn’t priced as high as its competitors. With a price tag of around $50,000, the Samsung TV is significantly cheaper than other 98-inch high-end TVs in the market. Its price makes it accessible to those who want the best in-home entertainment experience but don’t want to break the bank to get it.

Consumer Feedback

Consumers who have purchased the 98-inch Samsung TV have had mostly positive things to say about it. Many have praised its picture quality, design, and smart features. Others have highlighted its gaming performance and affordability as key selling points. However, some have noted that it may be too large for smaller rooms and that the sound quality could be better. Nevertheless, the majority of the reviews suggest that the Samsung TV is a worthy investment for those who want the ultimate viewing experience in their homes.


The 98-inch Samsung TV is an exceptional television that delivers stunning visuals, smart features, and gaming capabilities that are hard to find in other TVs in the market. Its affordability also makes it an attractive option for those who want a premium viewing experience without paying a premium price. If you’re in the market for a high-end TV that delivers on all fronts, the 98-inch Samsung TV is an excellent choice.


What makes the Samsung 98-inch TV stand out from its competitors?

The Samsung 98-inch TV stands out from its competitors due to its exceptional picture quality, smart features, gaming capabilities, and affordability.

What is the resolution of the Samsung 98-inch TV?

The Samsung 98-inch TV features an 8K resolution, providing crystal clear images, sharp details, and vibrant colors.

What are the smart features of the Samsung 98-inch TV?

The Samsung 98-inch TV comes with several smart features, including the SmartThings app, in-built Bixby voice controls, and compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Is the Samsung 98-inch TV suitable for gamers?

Yes, the Samsung 98-inch TV is suitable for gamers and features low input lag, motion smoothing, variable refresh rate, and other gaming features.

What is the cost of the Samsung 98-inch TV?

The Samsung 98-inch TV is priced at around $50,000, making it an affordable option compared to other high-end 98-inch TVs in the market.