98 Samsung TV beats competition with unrivaled 8K resolution, smart features & stunning aesthetics.

98″ Samsung TV Beats Competition for Best Viewing Experience

The market for televisions has never been as saturated as it is today. From budget TVs to ultra-premium models, there is something for everyone. But if you want the absolute best viewing experience, the 98-inch Samsung QN98Q900RBFXZA has emerged as the clear winner over its competition. Here’s why:

Overview of the Samsung QN98Q900RBFXZA

Before delving into the specifics, let’s first take an overview of the Samsung QN98Q900RBFXZA:

  • 98-inch screen
  • 8K resolution
  • Direct Full Array 32X
  • Quantum HDR 32X
  • Smart TV features with Bixby voice control
  • One Connect Box for simplified connections
  • Ultra Viewing Angle for optimal viewing from any angle

Reasons Why the Samsung QN98Q900RBFXZA Beats the Competition

The Screen Size

The Samsung QN98Q900RBFXZA is 98 inches, making it one of the largest consumer-grade televisions available on the market. When you’re watching your favorite content on a screen this size, you’ll feel like you’re almost in the scene yourself.

The Picture Quality

The QN98Q900RBFXZA has an 8K resolution with Direct Full Array 32X and Quantum HDR 32X, producing stunning clarity and detail that can put you completely into the experience. Its ultra-wide viewing angle also ensures that everyone in the room can experience the same image quality, no matter where they’re sitting.

The Smart Features

The Samsung QN98Q900RBFXZA comes equipped with Bixby voice control and Samsung’s Smart TV platform, making it effortless to control your TV. The One Connect Box also simplifies the connection process and allows for a cleaner installation.

The Aesthetics

Aside from its technical specifications, the Samsung QN98Q900RBFXZA’s design is also worth noting. With its ultra-thin bezel and sleek, modern appearance, this TV looks gorgeous even when it’s turned off.

Why Choose the Samsung QN98Q900RBFXZA Over Other TVs?

While there are many impressive televisions available on the market, here are a few reasons why the Samsung QN98Q900RBFXZA beats its competition:


Many TVs simply can’t compete with the size of the QN98Q900RBFXZA. With its massive 98-inch screen, this TV truly immerses you in your content.

Picture Quality

Samsung’s advanced Direct Full Array 32X and Quantum HDR 32X technology delivers a picture quality that is unrivaled by its competition. With its 8K resolution, you’ll be able to see lifelike details in everything you watch.

Smart Features

Samsung’s Smart TV platform, as well as its Bixby voice control, make it easy to control this TV. The One Connect Box provides simplified connections and a cleaner installation process.


The ultra-thin bezel of the QN98Q900RBFXZA gives it a stunning, modern appearance that is sure to impress anyone who sees it.


If you want the best viewing experience possible, look no further than the Samsung QN98Q900RBFXZA. With its massive 98-inch screen, unparalleled picture quality, effortless smart features, and stunning aesthetics, this TV beats the competition.


1. Is the Samsung QN98Q900RBFXZA worth its price?

Yes, the QN98Q900RBFXZA’s high price point is justified by its superior technical specifications and advanced smart features.

2. Can the QN98Q900RBFXZA be mounted on a wall?

Yes, the QN98Q900RBFXZA can be mounted on a wall with appropriate brackets.

3. What is the warranty for the Samsung QN98Q900RBFXZA?

The QN98Q900RBFXZA comes with a standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

4. Does the QN98Q900RBFXZA support all the major streaming apps?

Yes, the QN98Q900RBFXZA supports all the major streaming apps including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

5. How many HDMI ports does the QN98Q900RBFXZA have?

The QN98Q900RBFXZA has four HDMI ports.