10 Points to Consider for your Next Laptop VPN Purchase 

Choosing a VPN for your laptop is not an easy task. You should consider many things before buying your next laptop VPN, including its pricing, server count, and other such features. Hence, it’s helpful to be aware of the different features that a good VPN service provider offers. To make your life easier, we have come up with a list of things you should keep in mind to select your VPN. 

Below is a list of 10 points to choose your next laptop VPN. Let’s look at each of the 10 points one by one.

  • VPN Protocols: Do you know what VPN protocols are? A VPN is able to secure a public network with the help of technology or tools called VPN protocols. However, an outdated protocol means lesser security and safety. As a result, it’s essential to ensure whether your laptop VPN comes with updated VPN protocols or not. In case it uses older versions of VPN protocols, it’s time to switch to a VPN that uses the latest protocols. 
  • Server Count: Having a VPN with large server counts based in different locations is always advisable to select. More server counts will help you bypass geo-restrictions on gaining access to different websites or to access the Internet from remote locations. Large server count also helps in web scraping, brand monitoring, digital marketing, remote working, and much more. If you are looking for a free VPN with over 80 server locations, we recommend choosing Urban VPN. 
  • The number of Concurrent connections: A VPN that can be used on a maximum of six devices is always a better option. It doesn’t make sense to secure your devices using A VPN and leave your other devices unsecured. Hence, you should strictly not buy a laptop VPN, which can be used only on a single device. Moreover, make sure that your VPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS operating systems. 
  • Anonymity: Sometimes, you need to keep your identity anonymous on online platforms. It is used for security purposes and for many other reasons, including online marketing, web scraping, business strategizing, bypassing geo-restrictions, and so on. Hence, ensure that your VPN offers anonymity
  • Kill switch: Most VPNs come with a default kill switch facility nowadays. A kill switch adds extra protection to your devices by breaking the connection between your internet service provider and your VPN server if anything goes wrong. It’s a great feature that you shouldn’t overlook while buying a laptop VPN. People are often not aware of this amazing feature, or they simply assume that every VPN has it by default. Try avoiding what most people do wrong. 
  • Pricing: Price plays a major role in deciding your new purchase of any product or service. The same goes for buying a VPN. There are many paid and free VPNs available in the market to choose from. While most paid VPNs come with a limited trial period after which you need to pay for the service, free VPNs are absolutely free. Hence, it is better to look for low-priced VPNs or some good free VPNs such as Urban VPN before buying one. 
  • High security: Most people use VPNs to get additional security while using the Internet or to use public wi-fi hotspots. Moreover, VPNs also help protect your device against unwanted and suspicious ads, hackers, and destructive malware. It further keeps your data encrypted and your online activity safe and hidden. Therefore, it is incredibly crucial to look for a laptop VPN that not only claims but offers high security and safety. 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Unlimited bandwidth ensures faster speed at which data is encrypted. A VPN with limited bandwidth can result in slow data encryption. Therefore, having a VPN with unlimited bandwidth is an additional advantage that a VPN service provider can offer to its users. 
  • Customer support: What if you find difficulty in installing your new VPN? Or if you have any other query regarding your VPN server? In such situations, you seek customer support. Having a good customer support team to resolve your issues and answer your queries is one of the most important things that you should consider before choosing a VPN. Some VPN service providers, such as Urban VPN, offer 24/7 customer support. You can also look for user reviews and ratings to know more about how responsive your selected VPN’s customer support is. 
  • Video Streaming: Many people, especially the younger generation, use VPNs for bypassing restrictions on their favorite video streaming sites such as Netflix or Hulu. Hence, it’s advisable to see if the VPN you plan to buy offers an unlimited or restriction-free video streaming option or not. 

All the above points are useful in selecting an excellent laptop VPN. We hope that these points will help you in selecting your next laptop VPN. Good Luck!