Updates on the Zombie movie World War Z Sequel!!! Brad Pitt Coming Back in the Sequel!!!

World War Z 2

Since the release of the zombie apocalypse movie, World War Z, in 2013 fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel of the movie to release to continue the extraordinary creepy adventures and actions of the movie. Till today, even after seven years, we have not received season 2 of the zombie movie. Somehow we have … Read more

Will Brad Pitt starrer World War Z 2 ever be released ??? Find out here when!!!

World War Z 2 is unquestionably an exceptionally foreseen activity frightfulness spine chiller films fans have been hanging tight throughout the previous seven years. The striking achievement of World War Z is accepted to make ready for World War Z 2 unquestionably. Will World War Z 2 ever be released? The creation of World War … Read more

Everything Word War Z 2 Had To Go Through… Because 1st Movie Was Never A Super Hit!

Everything Word War Z 2 had to go through…..because the first sequel was never a super hit! The sad part is the tentative parts of Word War Z 2 had been canceled. The happy part is that in Hollywood things get moving again. But might be it’s not done fully. Hollywood motion picture would never … Read more