Kevin Hart delves into his infidelity scandal with Will Smith on ‘Red Table Talk’!

Kevin Hart and Will Smith

They truly got to the Hart of the matter. Kevin Hart opened up about what his philandering meant for his relationship with his children to Will Smith on a unique Father’s Day portion of Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett’s Facebook show, “Red Table Talk.”. Kevin Hart and Will Smith discuss kids and emotions “I stepped in … Read more

Will Smith’s subjugation film Emancipation pulls out of Georgia over casting a ballot laws

In a proclamation gave to Deadline by Smith and chief Antoine Fuqua, the pair said they felt “constrained” to act. “We can’t in great inner voice offer financial help to an administration that establishes backward democratic laws that are intended to confine elector access.” Some vibe the new law will limit casting a ballot by … Read more

Is Jaden Smith Gay??? Everything That Went Down Between Him and Tyler, The Creator – Tap to Explore More Details!!!

Well, there is no need to introduce Jaden Smith, for the new ones, the 22-year-old actor and rapper performing since the age of eight. Moreover, he is being the son of megastars Will Smith, and Jada Pinkett Smith. Jaden Smith is a kind of personality willing to express himself frankly, despite conventional intentions and restrictive … Read more

Jaden Smith DYING?? Vegan diet hit him hard?? Will Smith & Jada Pinkett are Extremely worried!!!

The son of a famous actor and producer Will Smith, Jaden Smith who has become quite popular now not because of his father, but because of his skills in acting and rapping, was the one who won everyone’s heart by being the main lead of “The Karate Kid”.  There is sad news that he can’t … Read more