Why Are So Many People CHEATING in Online Video Games?

All the young men had possibly been online for two days when it began. This splendid, senseless multiplayer round of full DayGlo beans heading for an end goal and maintaining a strategic distance from monster bits of natural product – kind of an advanced likeness a school sports day, though a somewhat stimulating one – … Read more

Illinois Politician wants to BAN ‘Grand Theft Auto’ after Rise in Chicago Carjackings!!!

A rash of carjackings in Chicago over the previous year has, obviously, drove some to point fingers at rough videogames. Presently, an Illinois administrator needs to revise a state limitation on offering vicious games to minors with the goal that it would boycott the offer of fierce games to anybody – and would characterize portrayals … Read more

Resident Evil Franchise Is Bringing Something Interesting For You This Year!!! It’s a NEW GAME!!! Find out everything here!!!

Resident Evil

This year will be the 25th anniversary of the debut of the Resident Evil franchise. To date, the franchise has launched the best video-games, movies, toys, and a lot more to entertain its fans. Wanna know what the franchise brings for you this year??? Then read out the blog post!!! The astonishing surprise, The Resident … Read more