Twitch adds dedicated ‘hot tubs’ streaming category following controversy!!!

Twitch has dispatched a pristine ‘hot tubs’ streaming classification following a new contention and pushback from sponsors. Recently, Twitch eliminated commercial adaptation from one of the stage’s top female decorations, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, after her streams were considered “not promoter agreeable” after she was participating in the pattern named the “hot tub meta”. The discussion … Read more

Kpop Star Jae Deletes Twitch Channel After ‘Sugar Daddy’ Controversy!!!

While it’s not difficult to fault crazed kpop fans for the conclusion of Jae’s Twitch account, the issue is likely established a lot further inside Day6’s office. After the kpop star and Twitch decoration Jae Park considered his companion a “friendly benefactor” during a Rust stream, the substance maker and icon out of nowhere chose … Read more

Twitch makes it easier for streamers to wipe out their old videos to avoid copyright strikes

Twitch reported in an email to decorations that the site has added new devices today to help designers see where they remain with takedown demands and copyright strikes. Twitch additionally added instruments to allow decorations to mass erase their recorded streams. It’s a keen move since it gives decorations better instruments to play on the … Read more