Dwayne Johnson Announces New ‘Black Adam’ Release Date in a Grand Style!!!

Black Adam is a forthcoming film in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) featuring Dwayne Johnson in the nominal hero character. Like a few different undertakings, the film was inconclusively deferred by Warner Bros. Studios following the Covid pandemic. Presently, the producers have reported a pristine debut date. The Rock the latest trend Black Adam delivery … Read more

Dwayne Johnson Reveals New ‘Black Adam’ Release Date!

black adam

Though a few hurdles en route, Dwayne Johnson is one bit nearer to living his fantasy about being a superhero. The Hollywood actor and previous wrestler has declared that his DC Comics film “Black Adam” will currently make a big appearance in July 2022. Black Adam Release Date Announced By The Rock Johnson, who plays … Read more

Fortnite fans think its major new character is secretly being played by The Rock

Fortnite fans think they’ve uncovered who plays the game’s significant new character The Foundation: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The Foundation collided with Fortnite this week as a feature of the game’s Zero Crisis Finale occasion and supported parts in their bid to balance out the island. As head of the secretive gathering named The Seven, … Read more