Emulator War, It is PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile!! How to Get one on your PC? Release Dates? and When?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG), which is developed by Tencent Games was launched on 9th February 2019. Soon after few months came Call of Duty (COD), will be available on iOS and Android in November 2019. The release of the game was announced on March 18, 2019, by Game Developers Conference. Originally, PUBG was launched as a game … Read more

Call of Duty on Tencent Gaming Buddy? Release Date Announced by Tencent or not?

Battle Royale Game segment is a big thing in the world of gamers, PUBG and Fortnite being the masterpieces. Call of Duty also tried the same way with the release of Blackout for PC and Consoles. The mobile version of the game was also in the hands of the developers. Call of Duty Mobile got … Read more