SHOCKING!!! Scientists Create HYBRID Human-Monkey Embryo in Lab!

hybrid human-monkey embryo

Monkey embryos containing human cells were kept alive for 20 days in an experiment completed by a US-Chinese team. Should The Experiment Be Taken This Far? The embryos were made by infusing human stem cells into macaque embryos as a feature of research into an early human turn of events, and results were distributed in … Read more

Scientists Uncover the Last Dinner of a Cretaceous Pollinator!!!

While pollinators, for example, honey bees and butterflies give critical environmental benefits today, little is thought about the starting point of the cozy relationship between blooming plants and creepy crawlies. Presently, another golden fossil uncovered by analysts from the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NIGPAS) and the University … Read more

Identification of 300 Proteins Regulating Cell Division to help in Cancer Research!!!

With the desire for adding to the battle against the disease, scientists in Sweden have distributed another sub-atomic planning of proteins that manage the cell division measure – distinguishing 300 such proteins. The arrival of the information was distributed today in the logical diary, Nature. It is huge in light of the fact that it … Read more

New Research Says Maritime Universes Are Holding Earth-like Continents in Incredible Bounty!!!

milky way

Accentuating the hopeful standpoint that our Milky Way is abounding with aquatic exoplanets like Earth, another research paper starting from the University of Copenhagen accepts that maritime universes holding Earth-like continents are in the incredible bounty. Is the proposed theory true? As per the interesting study introduced to the online diary Science Advances, Earth, Venus, … Read more