Doja Cat’s SIZZLING Deep Cleavage Grammys Look Draws Attention on Social Media

Doja Cat looked so dazzling when she strolled the honorary pathway at the 2021 Grammys. She revealed to Giuliana Rancic that she was going for an “out there” look. “I like something that is out there,” the vocalist and rapper told E! News. “I have been exceptionally restrained of late. This resembles something I have … Read more

Gen Z Seemingly Only Discovering Eminem’s Offensive Lyrics Now As They Attempt To Cancel The Rapper!

eminem fires back at gen z

Disregard whether skinny jeans are hip or not, Gen Z and Millennials are presently at the battle over Eminem, with more youthful listeners demanding the rapper is canceled over his violent lyrics. In spite of the rapper being around since before some Gen Z was even conceived (between 1997-2012), they’ve as of late come to … Read more

Tom MacDonald’s Girlfriend and Dating Life – Tap to Explore More Details about the Canadian Rapper!!!

There is no introduction needed for Tom MacDonald. For the unaware people, Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper that first put a record out in 2014. The rapper spent most of his teenage years as a professional wrestler. He was 17, MacDonald wrestled across Canada, on Pay Per view with many WWE Super Stars and … Read more

Things you didn’t know about rapper Kendrick Lamar…

Live music always remains off the menu. Venues across the globe always remain closed. There are certain strict social distancing measures. It’s like dipping back into the Far Out Archives. It’s all about a momentary period of sonic relief. Everything is focused predominantly on music playlists. It has gone a long way to provide a … Read more

Lil Wayne’s Girlfriend Shares Heartwarming Pictures Of Them Celebrating New Year’s Eve!

Lil’ Wayne’s sweetheart, Denise Bidot, just affirmed the couple is presently completely back together and is beginning 2021…together! The model just shared photographs of the ‘Candy’ rapper and herself nestling together under a dazzling fireworks show on New Year’s Eve close by a message about encircling yourself with friends and family in the new year. … Read more

Royce Da 5″9″ responds to Lil Pump while protecting his friend Eminem!!!

Royce Da 5″9″  has just now proved his friendship with Eminem. The American rapper has responded to Lil Pump’s unprovoking diss against Eminem. Before any response of Eminem, Royce Da 5″9″ has already kept his words protecting his friend and responding to Lil Pump making his mouth shut. Read out the blog post to know the … Read more

Meek Mill is no less than a SANTA to Philly community families….Here’s the reason WHY???

Meek Mill and his Dreamchasers Foundation are taking good care of families around. They want all these families to be merry especially during Christmas. The rapper and criminal justice delivered gifts around. The distribution took place around Philly ahead of Christmas. Thirty thousand dollars were donated to the volunteer group. The volunteer group Twelve Days has been … Read more

Everything you must know about Rick Ross…..Especially His CHARITABLE NATURE!

Recently the rapper returned to his Mississipi hometown. The rapper is very famous especially because of his charitable drives. He is none other than Rick Ross who always has a giving spirit. The rapper shut down Walmarts across the country this weekend. He wanted to host toy drives for kids as a holiday approach. Ross … Read more

Tom Macdonald’s Net Worth, Family & All Major Things You Need To Know About the Rapper!!!

Taking a gander at Tom MacDonald, who might have imagined that a white male could rap and become in the same class as the black rappers. The generalization for rapping is it’s for the blacks who are well known for their hood culture that implies hip-jump. In any case, here is Tom MacDonald, extraordinary compared … Read more

Who is Tom MacDonald DATING??? Know Everything About the Dating Life of the Rapper!!!

The Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald has spent most of his teenage life in wrestling across his home country, Canada. The rapper currently resides in Los Angeles. To check out the dating life of the rapper, singer, and music producer, Tom MacDonald, read out the blog post!!! Tom MacDonald’s life and career: Before divulging into the … Read more