Witcher V/S Thor!!! Henry Cavill Reportedly Fighting Chris Hemsworth For ‘He-Man’ Role!!! Who will win???

Hollywood has been attempting to get a Masters of the Universe reboot into creation for very nearly twenty years now, with a huge load of various scholars and chiefs boarding the venture throughout the long term. Tragically, in any case, nobody’s had the option to get it going. He-Man John Woo, Jon M. Chu, Jeff … Read more

Dave Bautista, 52, says he’s LEAVING ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ over Shirtless Scenes!!!

At 52 years of age, grappler turned-Marvel activity saint Dave Bautista is fit as a fiddle than most 22-year-olds. In any case, he’s still a little unsure about his appearance. As a new visitor on Ellen, the Guardians of the Galaxy star admitted to the host that his outsider change sense of self’s repugnance for … Read more

‘Ironheart’ Might Bring Robert Downey Jr. BACK in the MCU!!! What’s his New Character???

Robert Downey

Fans are expecting Robert Downey Jr. to make a comeback in the MCU. The fans were upset after Tony Stark (the character played by Robert Downey Jr.) died in Avengers: Endgame which forced the fans to wave goodbye to Robert Downey Jr. from the series.  However, it seems that ‘Ironheart’ is bringing Robert back to the … Read more

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 4: Click Here To Know More About Marvel’s New Show!!!

The Marvel world is expanding, and now we have its new Marvel show on Disney+hotstar, and one of them is Wandavision. Let’s find out everything about Wanda’s Vision. FBI specialist Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) suggests this conversation starter halfway through the fourth scene of WandaVision as he, Dr. Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), and a few … Read more

Chris Evans To Return To MCU As Johnny Storm In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness!!!

Chris Evans as Johnny Storm? Have we gone into a substitute timeline? No, however maybe Marvel is going to. You have most likely heard the rumors that Chris Evans is coming back to the MCU. One of those reputed appearances was for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In any case, according to the … Read more

Robert Downey Jr Reminisces About His Marvel Character on Stephen Colbert Show! Identifies Similarities with Tony Stark Or Iron Man!

As of late, Robert Downey Jr. clarified how Marvel is so fruitful and identifies with his MCU character Tony Stark or Iron Man. Peruse to know subtleties   Robert Downey Jr. played Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) for around 11 years and acquired colossal appreciation from the crowd. The character went … Read more

Fans have been really excited to know the updates of Wanda Vision…the date of release is however yet to confirm..

The Disney+ series will be available to stream. That’s an OSN from January 15. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Unit have born it for a whole long year. There is not even a single peep from the characters. The good news is that the long wait is soon coming to an end. The release will … Read more

Spider-Man 3 finally sways into production!!! Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer. Tap To Explore The Details!!

Spider-Man 3 has finally sway into production. Fans have been getting very enthusiastic over reports that Tom Holland’s third solo as Peter Parker could bring a live-action Spider into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with several returns from across the entirety of Spider Man’s live-action movies. We are not intensifying when we say it could even … Read more

After “Wonder woman”, Allan Heinberg busy writing Strong Women Characters. Marvel all set to launch more Women Power with ABC!!

After giving blockbusters on the silver screen, Marvel Cinematic Universe is all set to expand itself in the television industry. Marvel is seeking more of female-centric heroes on the small screen. Marvel is working this out with the ABC to launch the female superhero. As said by Deadline, the network which launched Marvel Agent’s of … Read more

Rejoice, Loki is back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lets see how come that happen!!

Yes, you read it right. The God of Mischief himself, aka Loki, is coming back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this time with his own series. When Loki’s return is announced? At the San Diego Comic-Con this year, Marvel and its parent company, Disney, announced a series of upcoming series and movies, which will … Read more