Female Thor coming in Thor 4!! Did we Got a hint from Avengers:Endgame? Real or Hoax?

Female Thor Coming to MCU

Thor: Love and Thunder have been announced along with other Marvel movies. There is a buzz among the fans and the viewers regarding this. It is the fourth movie of the Thor series. It is in phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The most interesting news that the fans are looking forward to is … Read more

Venom 2: Release date finalized, Fans Super Excited for the Sequel.

Venom, a superhero film based on Marvel Comics released last October. Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the plot of the movie revolves around Eddie Brock, who is also known as Venom. He is a journalist, who gets empowered with superpowers after being bound to an alien Symbiote whose species plan to invade Earth. The movie ranks … Read more

Star Twitter Account Hack: Jessica Alba is another on target list!!! Hacker identified?

Early Sunday morning, a lot of twitter users had a shock at the most recent posts of the Marvel’s Fantastic Four fame Jessica Alba. Most of these horrifying tweets were immediately removed by Twitter, but a lot of twitter users have taken screenshots of these comments. As the technology keeps reaching new advancements, the privacy … Read more