Zendaya Stuns in Gorgeous Gucci Dress on Front Cover of W Magazine with John David Washington!!!

She was as of late regarded for her work in media outlets at the Critics’ Choice Awards. Furthermore, Zendaya ends up being a relentless power as she paralyzed in a lovely Gucci dress while featuring on the front of W Magazine with Malcolm and Marie co-star John David Washington. The 24-year-old entertainer essentially seethed in … Read more

Netflix’s ‘Malcolm and Marie’ TRAILER OUT!!! Zendaya & John David Washington’s Romance BLOOMS On Screen!!!

Zendaya and Washington

Netflix has unveiled the teaser of “Malcolm and Marie” recently. In the teaser revealed, you can see the blossoming romance between Zendaya and David Washington.┬áThe two are returning on the screens in a black and white view. Check out the blog to know about the pair!!! “Malcolm and Marie” Trailer teased out! Netflix has teased … Read more

Steamy Romance between Zendaya and John David Washington is blooming in Netflix ‘Malcolm and Marie’ like never before….

It’s the return of Zendaya to the big screen. It’s time for black and white simply. It’s nothing but John David Washington’s lover. It’s all about-“Malcolm” and “Marie”.The release is all set in releasing on Netflix. The release will be made on February five. The stars of “Malcolm” and ” Marie” are Washington as filmmakers. … Read more