Drunk man completes crazy dare by legally changing his name to ‘John Cena’!

John Cena

Support yourselves for what is effectively the wackiest story you’ll hear the entire day, and it includes as a matter of fact John Cena. Not the 16-time WWE champion but rather a 23-year-old restaurant shift leader from Bradford, UK, who legally changed his name to John Cena during a drunken night out with friends. A … Read more

John Cena APOLOGIZES for considering Taiwan A Country during meeting!!!

John Cena is saying ‘sorry’ in the wake of considering Taiwan a country while advancing the most recent “Fast and the Furious” film, “F9.” The entertainer and expert grappler posted the conciliatory sentiment Tuesday in Mandarin on the mainstream Chinese web-based media webpage Weibo. “I committed one error, I should say at this moment, vital, … Read more