Miley Cyrus Debuts A Mohawk And Ponytail Look For Her Saturday Night Live Stint

Miley Cyrus is tied in with exploring different avenues regarding her looks. From passing on her hair to styling them in an unexpected way, we have seen Cyrus rock some truly insane looks previously. Presently, for her Saturday Night Live stretch, the artist has by and by changed her haircut, and was found in a … Read more

Billie Eilish Is Now Bleach Blonde, Has Curtain Bangs! Why Did She Change Her Hair Color?

Billie Eilish

Another Billie Eilish time has arrived. The genius just took to Instagram to make a big appearance another bleach blonde hair color and stylish layered cut, including in vogue curtain bangs. Her unique dark hair with green roots are no more, last seen at the Grammy awards this previous end of the week. Fans realized … Read more

Billie Eilish: The Grammy Winning Artist’s New Hair Color Breaks Instagram Record!!!

Billie Eilish posted an image of the new look on her Instagram, stating: “squeeze me.” Later adding to her accounts, with the inscriptions “blonde” and “bye green”. The image of her new light hair got a record 1,000,000 likes on Instagram in only six minutes, beating the past record, a post by Selena Gomez on … Read more