A break parts the sky above Gotham City… a tear in all actuality itself. This break maneuvers the Dark Knight into a strange and new world, with no memory of what his identity is or where he came from… DC’s Batman has been brought into Fortnite! As our legend battles to review his past and … Read more

Hourman: Everything We Know About DC’s New Superhero Movie!


The DCEU has another superhuman film underway: Hourman. On March 18, that very day Zack Synder’s Justice League released on HBO Max, Warner Bros. reported an impending Hourman film, making it the most recent element film to be added to the developing rundown of DC Extended Universe motion pictures being developed, joining titles like James … Read more

DC’s Zatanna Project Seemingly Confirmed by WarnerMedia!!!

Following a 2020 report about a Zatanna film being developed, AT&T has apparently affirmed the venture is still among its DC record. AT&T’s Analyst and Investor Day 2021 has uncovered that a Zatanna film or network show is as yet likely to work out for Warner Bros. A realistic appeared during the introduction uncovered a … Read more

Scott Eastwood Replaces Henry Cavill As Superman In Cool Fan Art! Has Cavill Decided To Let Go Of The Role?

scott eastwood succeeded henry cavill as superman

Scott Eastwood becomes Henry Cavill’s Superman substitution in another piece of fan art that envisions the eventual fate of the DC Extended Universe. Despite the fact that Henry Cavill has said that his job in Netflix’s The Witcher will not keep him from playing Superman once more, fans are now peering toward up different stars … Read more

Batwoman Poster Reveals the Season 1’s Big Bad? But Why Show is Being Disliked?

The new poster for Batwoman series was shared by on the official twitter handle of Batwoman reveling the first major villain to face off Ruby Rose’s Batwoman in the upcoming CW series. The poster shows a psychopathic Alice looking over the blood-red sprayed Bat symbol captioned, “Alice has other Plans for Gotham,” which you can … Read more