Fossils from China show new species of extinct giant rhino that roamed Asia

Fossils found in northwest China’s Gansu area show another type of monster rhino that lived in excess of 26 million years prior, as indicated by a paper distributed in the diary Communications Biology on Thursday. The fossils including a skull and two vertebrae found in the rosy earthy colored sandstone of the Linxia bowl shed … Read more

What is Monkey B Virus That Has Caused First Death in China? All You Need to Know

While the Chinese specialist surrendered to the infection, there have been no reports of human-to-human transmission up until this point and contact following showed adverse outcomes. While the Chinese specialist capitulated to the infection, there have been no reports of human-to-human transmission up until now and contact following showed adverse outcomes. So what is Monkey … Read more

John Cena APOLOGIZES for considering Taiwan A Country during meeting!!!

John Cena is saying ‘sorry’ in the wake of considering Taiwan a country while advancing the most recent “Fast and the Furious” film, “F9.” The entertainer and expert grappler posted the conciliatory sentiment Tuesday in Mandarin on the mainstream Chinese web-based media webpage Weibo. “I committed one error, I should say at this moment, vital, … Read more

Tracing the Life of Martial Arts Legend, Wong Fei-hung Played by both Jet Li and Jackie Chan!!!

Wong Fei-hung is the most famous of all the examples of southern-style Chinese martial arts, and his endeavors have passed into legend. There have been around 100 movies about him, 77 of which feature actor Kwan Tak-hing, who became inseparable from Wong during the 1950s and 1960s. Radio plays, mash books, newspaper story serializations, and … Read more

Chinese ‘Tsunami Pool’ Malfunctions Injures 44 swimmers, Frightening Video goes Viral!

At least 44 people were injured in a bizarre accident in ‘Tsunami Pool’ at a water park in Northeastern China. Swimmers who were relaxing in the subtle wave pool were taken aback when a massive came crashing on them. A 10-sec frightening video clip which is doing rounds on the internet shows a wave quickly … Read more