Boost your brain during the lockdown. Learn how to play chess with friends online!

In chess, there is no better way to master it than playing a lot of games. You can find several servers, day and night, on all levels to improve your game. Here are some websites through which you can play chess online with friends.


Lichess is an online chess server popular for being free and open source. It offers a range of online gaming and training modes and is good for competition. Lichess has a sleek, quick interface to round the clock match, but it lacks the training material for chess24 and


Chess24 was created in 2014 and quickly became one of the net’s top chess play and training sites. Regular membership is optional, but a premium upgrade offers full access to a rich selection of training materials, including videos and ebooks. Premium members are also able to challenge named players in a live stream.

Internet Chess Club (ICC)

For a long period, ICC was the biggest playground in chess. ICC is the right choice for you, should you want to play a professional Masters and Grandmasters. However, competitors like and chess24 have overtaken it in recent years. Member is not unlimited, and the monthly subscription duration is one month. is the largest online chess community worldwide, with more than 28 million members. You can either play live chess at various times or play mail-style games with days per move. Prime subscribers can access additional training tools, videos, and information free of charge membership.

ChessBase, the most common chess business software developer, is running Fewer strong players are available than ICC, but the platform is integrated entirely with ChessBase and other ChessBase services like Fritz.