Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins spotted together! The duo grabbed Easter Dinner from favorite restaurant

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner has been enjoying Easter from Kristy’s Village Café in Malibu’s country town, Trancas since 2018 – Sophia Hutchins. The CEO of LumaSol and the transgender trailblazer were neither wearing disposable gloves nor cloth facial masks, as suggested by the Center for safety measures.

Los Angeles County’s homestay order has been extended by May 15 because of the 8,889 COVID-19 confirmed cases in LA, resulting in 267 deaths on Sunday.

Until he was comfortably inside Jenner’s 11 acres Malibu four-bedroom mountain-home, the UK fashion designer, glamorized Caitlyn into embracing an award for ‘LGBTQ+ Supporter of the Year.’ ‘I think trans people are out there so relevant. We won’t exist any longer in the darkness. I think I want to be out there in my life. For other trans people, I want to be an example. I want to live my life authentically.’

Now, it’s not easy to hit this prize. I’ve been to Paris. The award ceremony was only two to three days out. I was excited about everything. I had my PrettyLittleThing outfit packed, then the quarantine began, and everything started to be canceled. I must have hurried back to LA then and since then I have been kind of quarantined here.’

Sophia Hutchins Says She's Not Dating Caitlyn Jenner |

While the frequent compañero of Caitlyn wished her followers Instagram a happy pastime on Sunday by placing a bunny headband in her wardrobe, Hutchins told Pepperdine’s Graphic that, before she was able to see Bruce 20/20 on their recognition of gender in 2015, she was first accepted as a homosexual individual.

The inseparable yet platonic pals – introduced by a creator – share conservative values, a sense of humor and a passion for golf. Sophia (Born Scott) denies claims that she is Caitlyn romantic.