Yellowjackets Finale has a Big hint stored for Season 2

Yellowjackets Comes To An End

Finale is all about faith but this one is raising questions about Jackie’s faith, Matthew’s life and what not.

Story In short

Yellowjackets is a show about teenage high-school girls, who had survived a plane crash deep in Ontario wilderness. This show has girls of different age who are very talented but they had form a cannibalistic clan and a growing team who fight against each other and it also shows their efforts to piece back their lives. This series premiered on 14th November, 2021.

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Starring In The Series

Sophie Nélisse, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Sophie Thatcher, Samantha Hanratty are the teenagers. Further, Juliette Lewis, Cristina Ricci, Melanie Lynskey , Tawny Cypress are the adults. Ella Purnell, Steven Krueger and Warren Kole were also in the leading role.

The short timed but astounding Series comes to an end just by answering many of our questions and building up more questions in our minds and giving us some teasers of the next season.

Season Finale

Whereas season 1 possibly built more questions , season 10 provides us answers to many of them specially about Jackie’s faith. She was the best friend of Shauna and later on we see was a captain of Wiskayok Yellowjacket but after her death a new question arises how does she die? Was she stabbed or what? Apparently, no!

Before she dies she confronts to her best friend that she slept with her boyfriend, Jeff. Then, she spend the whole night outside the cabin and on the same night there came the first snowfall of winter and she died due to the freezing weather. Before she died, she dreamt of herself and her best friend together, back in good terms and the rest of Yellowjackets team.

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Another disclosure  or a new big question arises , is Matthew still alive? This question rises because Natalia receives a call before she was kidnapped by a strange group . She threatens the bank staff to see who took money out of Travis account and the staff said Lottie Matthew. Some of the actions of Matthew in the series end shows that she turns out to be an antler queen.

It is an amazing series but keeps the viewer in confusion what the series is all about, raising more and more questions and hoping for a amazing season ahead.