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Wonder Woman is returning and its first reviews are out for all!!!!!

With the year of 2020 reaching it send the wait for the much-anticipated sequel of Wonder Woman is also coming to an end.

Warner Bros has finally unveiled its Wonder Woman sequel after many months of unplanned delay due to various circumstances.

The film, titled Wonder Woman 1984, was originally scheduled to come out in the month of July but was pushed back to the month of December due to the Corona pandemic.

The primary responses and brief reviews of Wonder Woman 1984 are at long last here.


Wonder Woman 1984 will see Gal Gadot reprise her famous role as Diana Prince, otherwise known as Wonder Woman, very nearly 70 years following the occasions of the principal film. Patty Jenkins is additionally back in the director’s seat to regulate the new Wonder Woman story which brings our number one Amazon hero into the 1980s, where shopping centres, synth music, and her reign.



In November, Wonder Woman 1984 stood out as truly newsworthy with information on its concurrent dispatch in select homegrown theatres and HBO Max just as abroad in the not so distant future. (Wonder Woman 1984 is only the first of many, numerous Warner Bros. films coming to HBO Max in the following year.) Now, the exceptionally envisioned, the much-postponed spin-off has at last been screened for a gathering of journalists and critics.


While Jenkins was vocal about her desire to hold WW1984’s debut until it very well may be delivered worldwide in theatres, as the film was a lot of went for the big screen, the pandemic, in the end, constrained the studios’ hand. The spin-off is opening on December sixteenth in UK theatres and will open on December 25th in the U.S. in the two theatres and on HBO Max.


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