Wat is this new planet that orbits a dead star? Here’s everything you need to know.

A white dwarf that is expanding and formed into a red star is supposed to be a dead star and there is no expected life that could prevail in it as the density and the mass in the star is not sufficient to produce a gravitational force that can push a planet towards it and make it revolve around itself.

However, space is a place that has surprised us from always and given us different hits one after the other due to the discoveries that were made in the field. Usually the two objects tha reveolve around each other do so at a common point which is also called the center of mass of the two bodies and is not necessarily the central point of the two as could vary in position and even dimensions from the geometric center between the two as a system.

Scientists Find First-Ever Planet Orbiting Dead Star - ExtremeTech
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What have we discovered recently?

There is a star system in which the star is a white dwarf and is lighter and less denser than the planet that revolves around it. The planet is as large as Jupiter in terms of size. The perios of revolution is 34 hours. The name of the planet is WD 1856 b and is a new invention in the field of astronomy as the system as a whole is rare to find due to the science that drives the process of plantes revolving around the sun in their star system.

Scientists just found a planet circling a dead star | Science | AAAS

Indeed, an expection and a challenge to the field of astronomy as it is something that was unheard and people wouldn’t be knowingthat such a system could exist as per the calculations and mathematical expressions and the laws that drive behind them.