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UCSF scientists conducted experiments to create nasal spray molecules with the potential to kill coronavirus!

The whole world is in a sort of race to make the Corona virus vaccine as early as possible. And some of them have also begun the phase 3 trials of it on humans. Fingers crossed…! We hope to get it soon. However, apart from this, scientists at the University of California, San Francisco claim that they have come up with a molecule which will be helpful in fighting with the disease. How true the news is??? Find it below.

The Scientists have developed a synthetic antibody, which they call AeroNabs. These can be taken by people as a spray in their nose and ultimately, they claim it to protect them from corona virus. However, this is not a so called vaccine, but one spray of it daily is supposed to prevent us from getting COVID-19 positive, as per their words.

Dr. Aashish Manglik, M.D., Ph.D. of UCSF said that you do not need to worry if you haven’t came across such an AeroNab. There are chances of us to inhale it soon, as its stability makes it like a little nebulizer.

These AeroNabs are similar to tiny molecules called Nanobody, which was first discovered in the camels. Being smaller in size as compared to the human antibodies, they are able to manipulate their performance and make them do some particular tasks.

Similarly, this AeroNab gets attached to the spike proteins part of the corona virus and never lets it go off. Since COVID virus makes use of its spikes for attaching itself to the lung cells named Ace2 receptor, AeroNabs can prevent this attachment by already attaching with the spike part. However we hope that a permanent cure arrives soon.

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