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Scientists Discovered a New Sensor Device for Space Research – The New Innovation to make Search for ‘New Earths’ Easier

Researchers and scientists have been continuously trying to search for life on other planet too. We all must have heard about the possibility of life on mars. But of course, there are some limitations or too many limitations because of which this isn’t possible for now at least. However, scientists have included new technologies to increase the rate and ease their research work. Lets find about about all the updates below.

Australian scientists have made a new kinda sensor. This sensor will measure the distortion of starlight and rectify and all the mistakes in measurement that may have happened because of viewing it from the atmosphere of earth. Thus, this device has made the study of possibility of life on distant planets easier than before. Facebook

The optical scientists from University of Sydney artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop this sensor. It has the capability to neutralise the twinkling of a star which happens because of the heat variations in our atmosphere. This will further simplify the study and discovery of other planets in our solar system with optical telescope.

According to the words of lead author Dr Barnaby Norris, who is a Researcher in the University of Sydney Astrophotonic Instrumentation Laboratory as well as the University of Sydney node of Australian Astronomical Optics in the School of Physics, “The major process through which they identify planets that orbit distant stars is done by measuring continuous dips in starlight which is due to planets that block bits of their sun”.

We all have heard about the possibility of presence of water on moon and mars. And mars has soil too. What do you think, are there chances of life on other planets?