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Scientists Are Warning People Of An Extremely Devastating Collision Happening Ahead!

It seems like mother nature is taking some violent turns as an enormous iceberg is heading toward South Georgia Island in the southern Atlantic. scientists have further stated that a probable collision could highly affect wildlife by threatening the food chain.

A Devastating Iceberg Might Be Causing Problems And Collide With South Georgia Island!

This event has been recorded earlier as Scientists have long been watching this climate-related event unfold. They have recorded additional details about the iceberg along with it’s the size and shape of Jamaica which has developed and advanced over two years since breaking off from the Antarctic peninsula in July 2017.

Moreover, the peninsula is one of the fastest-warming places on Earth, registering a record high temperature of 20.75 degrees Celsius on 9th February.

Scientists Have Further Explained The Dangers Ahead.

The warming concerns scientists have talked about ice melt and collapse is leading to higher sea levels worldwide. The humongous iceberg dubbed as A68a is reportedly on a path to collide with South Georgia Island. While the upcoming  dangers are looking quite strong, scientist have also been trying to see if it can be avoided in any possible way.

In a remote British overseas territory off the southern tip of South America. However, the fact that whether this dangerous collision is days or weeks away is still undertain , as the iceberg has sped up and slowed down according to the ocean currents along the way, as stated by Geraint Tarling who is a biological oceanographer with the British Antarctic Survey who has been tracking the icy mass. While the chances of the collision happening are looking strong enough, it can be avoided if the currents carry the iceberg past the island.

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