Blue Whales have reappear in island of South Georgia, says Scientists

So, the reappearance of Blue Whales is not a rumor and is real. The news is confirmed by various scientists. Earlier this year, during a survey at the British Overseas Territory 58 animals were observed. However, at first nobody was believing it because before no big number of animals have been recorded. But since, data of previous years was not a lie therefore it is sure that blue whales are coming back in the waters near the sub-Antarctic island.

For those who don’t know, South Georgia is not at all a home of blue whales. So the rediscovery of blue whales appear more unbelievable.

This rediscovery of blue whale is a big success in itself because after an international ban was introduced in 1967, only a single blue whale was discovered in 2108. Blue whales are mostly born in winters after a gestation of about 10-12 months.

These finding of Blue Whales is result of three expeditions who were involved in heavy exploitations

Dr. Jennifer Jackson who is a whale ecologist and is also responsible for establishment of Wild Water Whales has very interesting facts related to blue whales . The BAS Wild Water Whales Project was established in 2016. Dr. Jackson said that her team is very excited after a genuine hard work while surveying. She also said that protection from whaling is the result that more than 55 times blue whales are seen near sub-Acratic island of south Georgia.

However, she also mentioned that a continued protection for blue whales is still important. This will turn blue whales sighting for long term. Dr. Jackson continuously pushed on the fact that “PROTECTION OF BLUE WHALE” is very important.

Let’s keep are finger crossed and wish that this continuous blue whale sighting turns successful.