As the Second Wave of COVID-19 has Started Gripping the World, Several Vaccines to Combat it are under Successful Clinical Trials

Countries from every part of the world are in a sort of race to make the vaccine first. While some of these vaccines are in the third phase of human trial, there are others that have just started their human trails. People have been waiting for the vaccine for a long time now, however, according to WHO it isn’t possible to distribute the vaccine to everyone so early. The WHO aims to promote the distribution of about two billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2021.


Even after being approved, a vaccine needs to go through a lot of roadblocks before final production and delivery to the market. The concerned authority also decides which particular generation will get it first. Secondly, the most tough thing is to decide its cost, it should be economical enough for the commons to buy and it should also be profitable for the company that has made it. While there are some vaccine which are kept for phase four. It’s a perpetual stage in which regular studies are made to improve the vaccines efficiency etc.

SARS-CoV-2 is the vaccine currently in trial phase. Another vaccine production of which is in progress is Pfizer. The actual name of the vaccine is BNT162b2 which is being produced by one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world from New York. The company is making the vaccine in collaboration with German Biotech company BioNTech.

There’s one more vaccine in this race, Sputnik V. The vaccine is from Russia and third phase trial of the vaccine was found to give 92% efficiency. There are several more, around 150 vaccines stuck in trial. We really hope that the vaccines get ready and get distributed soon.