An asteroid is soon racing towards Earth and it might actually be a discarded rocket! Check it out.

As we all know that earth has only one natural satellite, that’s moon. However, it occasionally picks up the so called minimoon which is actually a temporary asteroidal visitor. And as per the scientists our blue planet which is the only one to support lifes is gonna pick up a similar transient moon in a few weeks. However, this one will be somewhat different from the rest which has happened in the past.

The 2020 SO’s speed and orbit suggests that it’ll probably be of human origin. As we all know, earth doesn’t have any such natural minimoon. Things that come in the affinity of earth’s gravity gets influenced with it and fall into Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists are still working on their ability to track such small objects but the evolvement has increased since it started because two temporary moons were detected in the twenty first century.

RH120 was the one that hung around in 2006 and lasted till 2007. Whereas, CD3 started orbiting the earth in 2018 and it continued till early 2020. 2020 SO is following a trajectory which will make it enter into earth’s unstable orbit. And according to the predictions it’ll enter the orbit by next month whereas, it’ll continue to revolute till May 2021. Thus, it’ll hang around the planet for around 8-9 months.

There’s a huge difference in the way it is approaching if we compare it with other minimoons. SO is approaching way to slow than the previous ones. And also, the orbital inclination of this one is much similar to Earth as compared to the other near earth asteroids. Continuous studies about it is going on, however, scientists can give a clear view of it when it comes more close to the earth.