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Real Housewives of Dallas star Kameron Westcott gets called a ‘rich b***h’ for getting an autopsy done on her dog

It’s common to see the housewives being attached to their pets but this one takes the cake

We have seen a lot of pets in the Real Housewives reality show, and among them is Real Housewives of Dallas star Kameron Westcott and her dog Louis Vuitton. Her love for Louis was so much that she started her own dog food company called SparkleDog Premium Grain-Free Dog Food.

But sadly, Louis died a few months ago while Kameron was attending the New York Fashion Week. During her confessional, Kameron said that she suddenly received a call informing that her dog died, and when she rushed back home, she found out that her husband Court Westcott failed to give the ageing dog his medicine and didn’t feed it on time. Therefore, she held her husband responsible for Louis’s death.

Then what happened?



The audience got to see clips from the show where Kameron was crying to get therapist about how Court stole Louis’s final moments with her. In the end, she decided to have an autopsy done on Louis to see what exactly happened. The results came out inconclusive, after which she reluctantly let her husband off the hook. However, fans didn’t exactly sympathise with seeing Kameron going to therapy and spending big bucks on her dog’s autopsy and some tweeted it out.

One of them wrote, “An autopsy on a dog? Ya these are some rich b****es #RHOD.” The next one read, “An autopsy for a dog?! I mean I love my dog but #rhod.” A third one wrote, “Me unable to pay bills. Kameron gets an autopsy for her dog, and therapy for the trauma suffered after he dear dog dies. Being poor sucks #RHOD.”


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