The Bihar Election Week Was All About Interesting Twists Of Power Play As Nitish Kumar Emerged Victorious!

After a rather tumultuous election week in Bihar, the results are finally here and it was an interesting week in Bihar with a twist and turn with every passing hour.

The Bihar Elections Was One Interesting Week Of Power Play And More!

However, after a rather interesting electoral result with quite a few ups and downs that might have surprised people, the results are finally here and we have a clear winner as The Nitish Kumar-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) celebrated along with a clean sweep with a  majority win in the 243-member assembly, which was powered by the BJP’s 74 seats.

Moreover, Nitish Kumar is all set to be the next Chief Minister of Bihar for the seventh time. However, the prominent political figure has been facing some severe allegations of being rude which he has recently denied as well along with other claims.

Nitish Kumar Has Emerged Victorious In This Year’s Bihar Election.

If observed, it has been found that the party might have been subjected to some fall in power than earlier as the party saw a drop in number in the 243-member assembly, as it was powered by the BJP’s 74 seats. Nitish Kumar has even denying claims of being arrogant, moreover, when asked about being the chief minister, he said that that is something NDA will decide.

However, it was announced earlier that he will be the chief minister if emerges victorious. Nitish Kumar broke his silence over several ongoing issues including the liquor ban, migrants issue and his management during the lockdown situation. He denied the claims saying that he has done enough and the claims are nothing but false allegations and one can do nothing about it.