Spike Lee calls Trump a “white supremacist”; takes jibes at his supporters.

Popular filmmaker Spike Lee claimed that President Trump being called as a “white supremacist” is “not even a question anymore”.

Spike Lee calls Trump a "white supremacist"; takes jibes at his supporters. 1
Credit: indiewire.com

He also proposed that his supporters back him only “for money.”

On Tuesday, Lee was speaking on the occasion of 400th anniversary of the first slaves arriving in North America. Lee turned to the question “where we are today”. He asked CNN anchor, Anderson Cooper about why we are still asking whether Trump is a “white supremacist” or not.


This is related to the various 2020 Democratic candidates who agreed that Trump is a white supremacist when asked recently.

Lee gave examples of “the Muslim ban, all Mexicans are rapists, murderers, and drug dealers…” in response to the question.

Furthermore, when Cooper asked his opinion on whether he thinks Trump is going to be re-elected or not, Lee joked saying that he would get on his “knees now and pray”.

Meanwhile, the Oscar-winning screenwriter also slammed Trump for his handling of the 2017 Charlottesville riot. He said that the president couldn’t decide “between what’s right and wrong.”

He claimed further that Trump gave neo-Nazis and white nationalists the “dog whistle” to “come on out”. This, he said, was done to show their faces in public since their guy “is in the White House.”

On Trump Supporters

He also took a jibe at Trump supporters. He said that people truly believe “what’s right and what’s wrong.”

Yet they stand by him for “money”. Lee continued, saying that the supporters “kneel down before the altar of the almighty dollar” since “all bets are off” then.