Respecting the rituals of the Jews, Israel military has observed lockdown of the West Bank

In order to make a way for the Israeli settlers for performing religious activities, Israel military forces have decided to put completely lockdown the occupied West Bank.

According to the reports from the Palestinian media, the Israel army has made an announcement that all the crossings into the West Bank along with the besieged Gaza Strip are going to be closed until the morning of Thursday.
The Israel military added that all the border crossings between the territories that were occupied and the neighboring countries will remain closed until the night of Wednesday on the occasion of Yom Kippur, a Jewish Holiday of Atonement.

Respecting the rituals of the Jews, Israel military has observed lockdown of the West Bank 1
Image: Press TV

The Israel forces have imposed many traffic restrictions along with public transportation, television broadcasts, and government services which have ceased their operations and services during the holiday. All the flights flying to and from Ben Gurion Airport located in Tel Aviv have stood canceled as they have observed the holiday.

According to the reports, settlers adding up to more than 200 were being escorted by the Israel forces armed to take any serious action. These 200 settlers were then taken on a proactive tour by the armed Israel forces around the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the Old City of East Jerusalem al-Quds to perform ritual ceremonies.

Marked as the holiest day in the Jews calendar, Yom Kippur has begun at the sundown Tuesday and is celebrated by the prayer, abstinence, and fasting over the time of 25 hours.

The citizens of Israel consider the al-Aqsa compound as the holiest place as it is located at a place where the Jews believe the First and the Second temples have once stood. The Palestinians say that the Tel Aviv was sought to change the status quo of the sacred site.