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Meghan Markle’s Struggle in Adjusting to Royalty Led to Duke and Duchess of Sussex Stepping Down from Royal Duties? Let’s Verify the Facts.

Prince Harry and Meghan were married on May 19, 2018 after dating more than two years exactly. They were then blessed with a son in May 2019. When the grand wedding took place everything was perfect until they realized they that something is still bothering them and they aren’t happy.

The royal couple then announced to step back as senior royals on January 8, 2020. They also announced that they will resign from the royal family and will stop using any title related to royal family from 1st of April.

At a charity dinner table, he said that he wanted to give his family a more peaceful life and he would take a forward step in which he hope rather than taking a step back.

Many sources speak that Meghan is responsible for this decision but, “The Duke of Sussex” himself agreed that it was totally his decision to leave the royal family. They wanted to work and become financially independent while serving the royal duties but this was not possible without public funds (they were told so). He took this decision because he never wanted to be surrounded by “too many” journalists and controversies. He accepted that he is still not over from his childhood trauma of losing his mother and has suffered a lot in coping up. He said he do not want his wife and son to suffer the same situation.

Therefore they decided to not to rely on public funds and have established a second home in Los Angeles in North America. So any news saying that it is Meghan’s decision of leaving the royal family leaving all the HRH titles is nothing but a hoax.

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Only time will tell how Duke and Duchess of Sussex will adapt to life outside royalty.

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