Leading Political Figures Paid Their Last Respect To Congressman Elijah Eugene Cummings!

Elijah Eugene Cummings was remembered as a man who protested the honor of democracy at all costs. Apart from being a man of discipline and high morale, he was a dear father for his daughters and was always there for them when needed.

The Man Of So Many Good Deeds!

Almost four thousand people, along with two former U.S. presidents, were there to pay their tribute to the man who rose from nothing to everything! He was the son of a sharecropper and rose from South Baltimore to Congress. Everyone present mourned the death of the Democratic lawmaker.

Barack Obama was present to pay his tribute to the late Congressman. He said that he was a man of a noble and a good heart. Obama further said that now it is their duty to continue his work. Among the others who were present were Bill and Hillary Clinton, and former vice president Joe Biden, a 2020 presidential candidate.

Elijah Eugene Cummings

Elijah Eugene Cummings had good and cordial relations with the Republicans of Congress as well as the Democrats as well. Although he was at times targeted by the White House, Trump said that Cummings ’ beloved Baltimore is a rat-infested city, and he wonders why anyone would want to live there.

Political Figures From All Over the World Paying Tribute.

Although after the sad news of the death, Trump has extended the family condolences who are celebrating his life in Baltimore. Hilary Clinton has also remembered the man as a prophet who could call fire from heaven. The gathering was a one where political figures from different parties came to pay their last tribute to the man who was praised and loved by all. Everyone kept their differences aside and paid their respectful homage and talked about his works and contributions for democracy at length.