Donald Trump signs border wall, believes it a virtually impenetrable system!

Donald Trump has always taken a rigid and firm stance regarding illegal migrants. The President visited the America-Mexico border in San Diego’s Otay Mesa area. He signed his name on the rebuilt wall.

Trump promised on his agenda to build the wall to prevent illegal migration. He has passed certain laws to curb the number of migrants residing in the USA which is considered one of the reasons for his victory.

Trump’s administration is determined to rebuild the former low fenced wall in Otay Mesa. The construction was taken into account replacing the old wall with concrete running deep underground to prevent migration through underground holes.

Trump praised the new wall which could absorb heat and even ‘fry an egg on the wall’. He substantiates the preference for concrete-filled steel which would allow the border soldiers to see through. He appreciates the efforts put in by the engineers behind it.

The President went on to sign the wall to popularize and reaffirm his building of the wall. His officials followed suit. He praises the wall describing it as unclimbable. Trump optimistically calls the wall  ‘world-class security system ‘ virtually impenetrable which will regulate border control strictly.

The acting commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection, Mark Morgan elaborates that illegal migration has dropped down from 300-500 to 30-40 a day.

President Trump advertised for his election campaign that the Mexico government would pay for the wall’s construction. The Mexico government, he claims, sent forces up north and south assisting in prohibiting illegal trespassing via border.

The Republican president is rallying through States for the next year’s Presidential election. He is campaigning to raise funds for the upcoming elections. He was on a return trip to San Diego in March 2018 where the former sheet wall was destroyed to make the now in construction 14 miles wall of solid steel concrete. In California, he criticized the democratic state for harboring large unemployed and illegal population in cities like Los Angeles.


The wall is built 66 miles till now, has 251 miles in varying stages at 17 sites and plans for 163 miles in the next 90 days. Additional land on private property would require more effort. Crews are installing 270 panels a day, each one with eight bollards.


Financial concerns have limited Trump from painting the wall black and keep it rusty colored. Trump’s baseline for election depends on migration which he is planning to utilize vehemently in his agenda.