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COVID-19 in Britain: British Prime Minister ‘Boris Johnson’ and Health Secretary ‘Matt Hancock’ Tested Positive for Coronavirus

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Coronavirus has made a firm grip over the world and has terrorized it. The virus that was first detected in China, soon made the entire globe kneel down with failure of Global Trade, economic and market as it has made countries too go into complete lockdown to combat this pandemic. The virus took its toll majorly from the well beings of society, which includes really imperative people.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced their self-isolation on Friday and informed the commons about the development of mild Symptoms of the disease. These made a little chaos in the British nation as the top major figure of the country are affected.

British Prime Minister And Health Secretary Infected By COVID-19.

Johnson’s was detected after a week of Termination of British Parliament in wake of COVID-19. The concern was raised among the senators that the virus could take a leap through Westminster and spread between lawmakers.

Well, the basis of infection among the top tier of government is still not blue in the sky. But British Health Minister, Nadine Dorries, who returned to parliament earlier this week, was tested positive with COVID-19. Dorries also went to a meeting held at Downing Street at that phase, where it came in contact with Johnson. A number of members of Westminster have isolated themselves as the Virus has entered to Downing Street.


While Johnson will continue to fulfill his duties from home, the major concern is about Carrie Symonds, Fiancee of British Prime Minister, who is pregnant.

The British lawmakers are trapped in the situation which we all are afraid of. Well, now it’s really fearsome to calculate who came in contact with the P.M. in the recent time. Thus, it is really important to self segregate our self from society as we can’t predict who has come as the messenger of COVID-19.

Even Prince Charles has affirmed his reports as positive. He has quarantine himself in his estate of Scotland. Talking about the figures, authorities have announced 759 fatalities till time and 14500 infections have been recorded.