COVID-19: Chaos at the White House amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Corona virus has shaken up the world to its core! Economies have slowed down; and the number of affected people is rising with each passing day. United States of America which considered a superpower in the world is one of the worst hit countries. April 7th 2020 was the most tragic day in the history of the virus in America. The day counted the greatest number of deaths in a day – 1,736, the total number of 12,772. Amidst all this, Trump White House has been in a state of chaos and confusion.

Credit: Business Insider

What is all the chaos in the Trump White House?

Well to begin with, back in January Trump dismissed the reports of the virus being a pandemic and later blamed the neglect on one of the officials. Earlier this week, the White House Press Secretary was removed without a briefing either. Her replacement, Kayleigh McEnany then recently said that thanks to the President, “we will not see diseases like corona virus come here” CNN’s KFile reported on Tuesday.

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What added to the chaos?

“What we have is a plague, and we’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel,” said the President of America in his speech on Tuesday 7th April, which was also the most tragic day in the history of the virus in America. He removed an intelligence community officer. This was followed by the removal of a watchdog official who was responsible for overseeing $2 trillion economic package. His aim was to cement his image as war time hero in the face of a pandemic, but what it did actually was add more confusion the issues in the White House.

His act, instead of putting the minds of the concerned citizens at peace did anything but that. It was another sign of the political and personal he has had throughout his presidency.

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