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The Order: What is the Status of Season 3? Has Netflix given Green Signal? Find Out Below

Credit: Netflix

Before reading, know that there will be major spoilers from season 2

Netflix’s The Order didn’t spread much hype when it first came in March 2019, but it was surprisingly good and not just another teenage supernatural drama. By the second season, it got a lot of viewers and is currently one of Netflix’s best originals.

What can come next?


In season two, we saw Alyssa being murdered by Gabrielle, who was possessed by the werewolf Midnight. In the end, we saw her being carried by Jack into the woods. Jack also had possession of the Vade Maecum.

The Vade Maecum contains some of the most powerful magic in the world and there is nothing else that can beat it. Surely it must contain a spell that being people from the dead, and Jack might be able to resurrect Alyssa.

If she’s back, it’s possible for the missing Werewolf Alpha could bond with her, turning Alyssa into a werewolf in the process. She was already close to Salvador Grant, the previous champion of Alpha, and someone similar to Salvador might just be what the werewolf is looking for.

Next up is Gabrielle. She’s still Midnight’s champion, and is going to be used by Midnight for destroying Jack and Silverback and just about anyone that is a threat to The Knights of Saint Christopher. After Midnight killed Alyssa, Gabrielle was discovered by Randal in the woods, and she was looking really upset about what she, or rather Midnight had done.

Regarding season three’s release, it took 15 months between seasons one and two. If they follow a similar routine, we won’t be seeing it until September 2021. But due to the pandemic, it can even take longer.