Space Force Season 3 to go under Production soon? Details Below

Call For The Third Season

Space Force, an American workplace comedy television series by Gerg Daniels and Steve Carell is up with two seasons. Further, the level of excitement from the viewers side calls for the third season.

The series has two seasons out on the Netflix platform till date. The 1st season was premiered on 29th of May 2020. Further, the 2nd season was out on 18th of February 2022. The 3rd season won’t air until 2024 as per the news.

The series cast

The Series includes Steve Carell, John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Diana Silvers, Tawny Newsome, Jimmy O. Yang and Don Lake.

Space force cast
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Steve Carell is playing the role of General Mark R. Naird. He is the first chief of space Operation.

Besides being a leading face, Steve Carell is also the executive producer of the series. Along with him, there are Gerg Daniels, Howard Klein, Brent Forrest and Paul King are also executive producing the series.

Statement By Gerg Daniels

In an interview, the creator, Gerg told that season one was very much appreciate because it helped to know more about the cast and their bond with each other. It also served as an introduction to the series.

To support his statement, he gave an example of Angela. In this series, she is going to the moon with a bunch of astronauts, beside that, she has her own story of her own.

About The Series

General Mark R. Neird is a four star leader. Further, he is assigned the command of a fresh division of Military of America. They train, organises and equip space force to protect U.S. and allied interest in space. Their main focus is to get boots on the moon.

In the last episode of the last season, The Hack, the agency’s is hacked by the Russian. Further, they are threatening to land the American satellite Blue Oyster on the Russian Territory. Thereafter, he said that the third season will reveal that the Space Force will perform better than the cast of Don’t Look Up or not.

Further, he informed that the Space Force will be facing the problem of insufficient budget allocation to solve new problem of the Earth.