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‘Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj’ is not going to return on Netflix anymore! What is the reason behind the cancellation?

Talk shows are great isn’t it? Apart from what we see on the big screens, we get to know a lot that happens behind it too. One such popular talk show was Hasan Minhaj talk show, Patriot Act which premiered on Netflix. And the best part of the show was the funny events that the comedian does in his videos.

However, he recently revealed on his social media that the show wouldn’t be returning for a seventh season. What is the reason for the cancellation? Are there any chances of it being back? Well, that’s something you’ll have to find out below…

In his twitter post he wrote that he had an incredible time during the show’s run. Even two of his kids has grown up big while the show was air. He also thanked Netflix, the producers, writers, animators and researchers for being a big support system for his show. And he also thanked the lovely audience.

However, at the end his words hinted that no more episodes of the show will come up. Thus, the show has ended and it’s now time that the screen must be returned to the best buys. This made the fans really upset because it was one such show which brought all the news to them with a sarcastic and comedy twist and they enjoyed watching it.

Patriot Act had a total of thirty nine episodes which lasted for six continuous seasons. The show used to run on Netflix and covered stories or more precisely, news about political issues and also some cultural moments. Well, ending of the show also covered a trending topic, that is none other than the very stubborn corona virus.

The show lasted from October 2018 and June 2020. And we know that y’all are gonna miss it.

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