Norsemen Season 3 is coming on Netflix This July with strategic and political wars! Check out for all latest updates including release date, cast, plot and more.

That’s right, the Viking comedy series is already streaming in Netflix worldwide and it’s funny as always

Originally known as Vikingane in Norway, and Norsemen everywhere else, the show is a humourous take on a group of Vikings who lived in the year 790. It first aired on NRK1 but was picked by Netflix later and started airing globally as a Netflix Original.

The show features two dubs, Norwegian and English, as it has been recorded in both languages simultaneously. Another Norwegian Netflix Original show similar to this is Lilyhammer. 

Season 3 details

Fans had to wait quite a long time as season two aired almost two years ago, in September 2018. It had been immediately renewed once season two started streaming. Season three came to Norway before the rest of the world, and aired between February and March 2020 and consisted of six episodes. They had been written Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen, similar to the earlier seasons.

The story of Norsemen starts off bloody, gritty, and violent as that was the life that Vikings led. You will see their raids, pillaging, raping, and lots of gutting with axes. There’s a struggle for power throughout.

But the parts that makes us laugh goes like this: Jarl Varg and Jarl Bjørn are embarking on a war that is going to kill thousands of their men just because one made a comment that the other one is going bald. The show is filled with hilarious and dysfunctional characters similar to this, and there are petty politics involved throughout in order to reign supreme over other groups.

The story is impressive nonetheless and you get to see an unexplored side of Vikings, and you will get to see the state of mind of these people as they are put in unfavorable situations, and the poorly thought plans they have. It’s worth checking out.

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