Money Heist Season 5: Will Nairobi Return in the Final Season? What are the Expectations and Updates from Last Season? Details Below


We are approaching the final heist

La Casa De Papel, known more commonly by Money Heist is a Spanish Netflix drama series that has now become an international phenomenon, and is currently holding the record for being the most-watched non-English show on Netflix. In the fourth season, the total viewership reached a staggering 65 million. This is really a great achievement, considering the show was almost sent to the chopping block.

When can we expect season five?


Season four of Money Heist released globally on April 3, 2020 and had eight episodes. Season five has been confirmed to be the final season, as Netflix tweeted out, “THE HEIST COMES TO AN END.” The show’s creator Alex Pina spoke about how they were planning to break up the gang, and wanted to put every member into some irreversible situation, including the Professor. The fifth season will be the end product of that, and he promised it to be the most epic and exciting season yet.

Apart from that, Pina refused to share any further, saying “Netflix will put a bomb in my house.” The less we know about it, the better, since what is the show without its nail biting sequences?

Season five started production in July and the cast has been sharing set pics, complete with all the security protocols due to the coronavirus pandemic. If all work proceeds smoothly, we will be getting season five sometime in 2021.

There are going to be some new gang members, and rumours of deaths of a few members are also doing the rounds.

As for Nairobi (spoiler alert) who died in season 4, her character name is listen in the set of characters who will be appearing in episode 1. That can either mean something we have already seen in season 4, or a flashback scene.