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Get latest updates about Bridgerton Season 2!!! Know the Release dates, Plot, Cast, Trailers, and lot more in the blog post!!! REVIEW of Season 1 inside!!!

Get the Latest Updates about Bridgerton Season 2!!! What can we expect in the sequel??? How was Season 1??? Well, let’s divulge into the blog post to know interesting facts about Bridgerton!!!

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Will there be Bridgerton Season 2???

Before being overexcited let us first confirm whether Bridgerton has got the official nod for renewal.

Netflix’s grand and scandalous historical drama has not got any official nod from Netflix. But some reports have claimed that the shoot might begin next year from March despite the official nod from Netflix. Well, this rumor was declined. Anyhow, the conclusion is that we have not received official news of renewal from Netflix where the show has premiered.

Well, considering the fact that Bridgerton is based on 8-books series by Julia Quinn, there is a great potential for the eight-episode series to come back on the screens.

As we all know, Netflix generally delays announcements of renewal of the series and releases another season only after analyzing the success of the first installment. However, there have been many indications hinting towards the sequel of the series. Production Weekly announced the second series unwittingly which has confirmed the renewal for a while. Anyhow, until we get a nod from Netflix we can never be 100 percent sure.

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What is the fan following of the first installment???

The first season of Bridgerton which was launched this Christmas has received a rating of 7.3 out of 10 on IMDb.

The romantic series bunched with eight episodes takes you to process the Georgian era with a touch of pop music. the series is packed with diverse characters and has the potential to become one of the talked drama series on Netflix. The way story takes up is surprisingly very entertaining.

If you haven’t watched the drama series you can have a look at it.

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