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‘Emily in Paris’ on Netflix is a Breath of Fresh Air that Everyone Needs to Binge Watch

The Lily Collins-starrer started streaming on Netflix from October 2

Let’s clear one thing right up front. Netflix’s Emily in Paris starring Lily Collins falls under the category of ‘so bad it’s good.’ The show is by Sex and the City creator Darren Star and has been quoted to be “full of dated clichés,” according to critics. Yet, the show has been binge-watched by users and became a hit.

So here’s five main reasons why the show is so unique.


1. Not your regular sweet and likeable protagonist

Emily, Collins’ character walks the tightrope between annoying and evil. She tries to show her superiority at inappropriate times, can’t speak French to save her life, and she tries to steal the boyfriend of the one French friend she’s made.

2. Finding love

Emily wastes no time in ditching her boyfriend after arriving in Paris, and starts looking for French suitors. Emily soon has to make a choice between young and hot chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) or fashion CEO Mathieu Cadault (Charles Martins).

3. Lots and lots of French clichés 

Lets move past the street mimes and guy cycling with a baguette tucked under his arm. Emily in Paris shows just about everything going on in Paris – everybody smoking, steaks that are too rare, people accompanied by little dogs, etc. In fact, when Emily meets her first friend Mindy Chen (Ashley Park), Emily is eating a baguette and a wheel of cheese.

4. Designer power struggles 

We see Emily organising a fashion week show in episode 10 for designer Pierre Cadault, who has beef with American designer Grey Space. Once you see the episode, you can see every brand and character is a rip-off of popular names, and you will see some hilarious fashion references.

5. Rising above hate 

Emily’s lack of French continues to haunt her co-workers treat her awfully. But her unwavering determination and ‘fake it till you make it’ attitude lets her brush them off and keep on going.

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