BNA: Brand New Animal- What will happen when these humanoid animals come out in front of the world? Check out for all latest updates.

A new project by Studio Trigger which became an instant hit with anime fans

Otakus had been waiting for a long time for the release of Studio Trigger’s BNA: Brand New Animal, and the wait is finally over, as the anime is currently streaming on Netflix worldwide. It was one of 2020’s most anticipated shows and fans have been waiting impatiently for Netflix Japan to make it available for everyone else. It release in Japan back in March.

But now, we have all 12 episodes as well as the English dubbed version. This was surprising as many of Netflix’s anime projects were unable to get the dubbing done due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but looks like this anime had got everything done and dusted prior to it.

What’s BNA about?

In the world BNA: Brand New Animal has created, there are beastmen, who are more or less human, but are able to form into a variety of animals. Beastmen and humans are in a constant state of power struggle as humans have been discriminating them from the start. The tension reaches a boiling point which led to the beastmen to seek refuge in Anima-City.

The theme is certainly relatable in our world, which is currently experiencing many movements and riots due to racial discrimination and violence. There is an other theme to this anime, where beastmen develops a heavy animosity to the humans which was only because they treated them horribly when all they wanted was to live in peace. It shows how there are certain groups that instill violence in others.

The anime brilliantly shows how the main protagonist, who was once human, but gets transformed into a beastman and has to learn slowly about the unjust treatment they received and how she, along with other beastmen, set out to resolve this.


(Cover: Netflix)