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YoungBoy Released a New Song – Never Broke Again’s “The Story of O.J.”

All the popular artists are releasing songs at such a small interval during this lockdown period. This has made it really difficult for the average hip hop fans to keep up with all these latest releases even if they are deeply tapped into it. Thus, to keep you updated with the daily posts that you need to here, The Ones has been created.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – “The Story of O.J.”

The only drawback of YoungBoy’s music is that most of his songs have a similar tune. It seems bitter or it croons about his paranoia and insecurities. His music is also always the same, it’s either a gloomy acoustic or a melancholic piano beat. Out of all his music mixtapes you’ll rarely come across something exceptional. And this is why, “The Story of O.J” is completely surprising for the audience as he has stepped out of his comfort zone.

Script of the music is taken from Hov’s original track that was released in 2017. It shows how a person’s skin colour is targeted by the society even if he’s rich and has a good status. How people do not miss even a single opportunity to troll others and try bringing them down. Even if a person is extremely successful and talented, he will be targeted in the society because of his skin tone. Racism is a major issue about which people have started to talk finally.

The 21 year old rapper Baton Rouge brags about himself being worth about $10 million but still feels unfazed. Moreover, he boasts about himself and says that no one would ever do it and that he’s the greatest of all because he did it. So do listen to the amazing song.

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