What condition did Ben Affleck have to face to use Led Zeppelin Classic Song in one of his projects ‘Argo’? Check out all updates here.

How can a filmmaker put Led Zeppelin’s song as soundtrack for their project? It indeed sounds great but can’t be done. Since the last few decades, it has been impossible for the producers of any movie or series to license Zep songs. However, in the recent few years, the band has been cooperating with the TV production companies. Isn’t it great?

So are you wondering how the Zep song, “What Is and What Should Never Be” was used in David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook that came in 2012? Well, it is just due to the corporation of the band. However, Russell said that the band made him work for it and this is how he got the track in his movie.

And then, in 2012 only Ben Affleck was found hunting for Led Zeppelin song which he wanted to use in his Oscar nominated film: Argo. As per the reports, Zep wanted to steep price for this project and in addition, he also wanted them to bring some changes in one of the shots of the film.

The song that Affleck wanted was to apply in the scene when the hostage had the final night in Tehran before they made their attempts to escape.

Previously, Affleck thought of using The Eagle’s  “Hotel California” or “Kashmir” by the Zeppelin’s. But the  his final choice was “When the Levee Breaks”. This is one of the finest and most loved songs of the band.

Led Zeppelin was loved by the public ever since their debut album was launched but they got huge amount of consideration after their album, Led Zeppelin II which was a great success for the band. And their song, knocked The Beatles’ Abbey Road was ranked no 1 on the Billboard chart.